Driving & Holidays in Europe

I was recently given the task of booking a trip to France, which on the face of it would appear quite simple.  However, there are lots of things to consider and get organised before you go.

Firstly, it’s important to check that your passports are valid.  If they do need renewing, it’s incredibly easy by using https://passports.ips.gov.uk/epa1r1a/index.aspx?c=1.  You fill your details in on-line and they despatch the form to you to check.  It takes at least four weeks to get a new passport so arrange for a new one in plenty of time before your departure date.   There are lots of on-line passport photo services that again make it very easy to do from home.  Continue reading

Camping – love it or hate it?

Having had two children but still wanting to holiday abroad we have discovered the delight of camping.  I would have turned my nose up too a few years ago but there are definitely lots of benefits.

Firstly, if you have not read reviews of the camp site it is wise to check the facilities as this will be a good indication of the standard of the site before you pitch – you can always move onto another one. If you are not given a designated pitch it really is very wise to pitch on a rise not in a dip. You may think this is obvious but this was beautifully ignored by my brother and friends a few years ago when they chose not to heed this advice and pitched in a dip in the Continue reading

Networking in Wadhurst

Isn’t life rich!  This week I went to a local networking event organised by our Wadhurst Parish Council.  It highlighted that there is an amazing amount of diverse businesses out there locally that perhaps I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to meet had the event not taken place. Continue reading

Moving? It’s all in the planning.

I was inspired to write this blog post having recently been asked to help a client organise her house after a move.

Of course the real benefit of moving is that it gives you a brilliant opportunity to de-clutter and organise items into “keep”, “donate” and “sell” categories.  Review your paperwork and shred any outdated documents and junk mail.   Continue reading