Camping – love it or hate it?

Having had two children but still wanting to holiday abroad we have discovered the delight of camping.  I would have turned my nose up too a few years ago but there are definitely lots of benefits.

Firstly, if you have not read reviews of the camp site it is wise to check the facilities as this will be a good indication of the standard of the site before you pitch – you can always move onto another one. If you are not given a designated pitch it really is very wise to pitch on a rise not in a dip. You may think this is obvious but this was beautifully ignored by my brother and friends a few years ago when they chose not to heed this advice and pitched in a dip in the Scottish highlands a little too eager to get the pub. Unfortunately when they returned their gear was under water and resulted in most of the party sleeping in their cars as their tents were not fit for habitation. Thankfully the fact that they were “celebrating” meant they their contortionist capabilities had improved on their return from the pub.

It is wise too of course to accept that, unless you’re “Glamping”, a bad hair day is pretty much going to last you the week. I find it best to accept this fact and agree not to pack a mirror!

To keep stress levels at a minimum, we’ve found the very best way to remember essentials is make a list which is referred to each time we go away and can be added to for the next trip.

For us the best thing about camping is that if you have children, they have friends ready and willing to play with them when you arrive at the camp site.  The worst thing is that when you arrive you become the camp sites’ entertainment for the next hour while you set up your pitch!  This can either go well or very, very badly.  The best way to combat this is to be very organised with what you have brought with you and practised putting the tent up at least once together before all eyes are enjoying your first attempt.

Lastly, the most important things that you must have to hand when you’ve finished, in my opinion, is a bottle of wine, an opener, glasses and the first night’s meal ready and waiting to heat up or nibble right there and then.  Your relaxation starts here – enjoy!


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