Networking in Wadhurst

Isn’t life rich!  This week I went to a local networking event organised by our Wadhurst Parish Council.  It highlighted that there is an amazing amount of diverse businesses out there locally that perhaps I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to meet had the event not taken place.

Here are just a few of the types of businesses that I had the pleasure of meeting:

  • A rug designer that manufactures bespoke rugs and running for domestic and commercial properties.  They can design rugs in any size, shape or colour to their client’s specification –
  • An award-winning, clothing company manufacturing for all out-door activity and opening a new store in Wadhurst very soon.  Particularly interesting for my husband who spends most of his life outside as a gardener! –
  • Our local art shop owner who not only is a very talented artist herself, but is able to put client’s in touch with other artists who specialise in portraits, animals and frankly anything that you have a desire to be put into art –
  • An on-line business collaboration service where small business owners collaborate to grow, work together, share skills and gain support which is free to join, always  good for small businesses! –
  • An independent wine merchant who imports directly from the producers – always good to know where your can purchase a good bottle! – James Rogers & Sons.
  • A plant nursery which not only has a wonderful selection but has a tea room too; a prerequisite for a garden centre these days and overlooking the stunning Bewl Water.  Beals Barn Gardens.
  • Wadhurst Manor Care Home which opened in October 2011 and is a specialist dementia care –
  • John Whitehead, a massage therapist who is able to do home visits so when you have benefited from his treatment you can stay relaxed and avoid the journey home.

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